Last Thursday, Friday and weekend I went to Thessaloniki to attend Voxxed Days but also take some time off.

First time for Voxxed Days in Greece and seems that there will be another one in May in Athens.

I managed to gather a few words and a few links about the presentations I attended.

JDK 9: Big Changes To Make Java Smaller

Simmon Ritter


Great speaker. Dived into JDK 9 and the changes coming up.

Explained Jigsaw module system in detail, with a lot of examples.

Whirlwind Tour through the HTTP2 spec

Ole Michaelis


Great speaker and a really nice guy to hang out with. Talked about HTTP/2 and it’s under-adoption. Debunked some common myths like

  • is HTTP/2 spec finalized? yes 2 years or so
  • is SSL required by HTTP/2? no see h2c
  • are headers compressed etc

He even demonstrated how to switch nginx and apache to HTTP/2. His talk was really entertaining and informative at the same time.

Streaming Engines for Big Data. Spark Streaming: a case study.

Stavros Kontopoulos

Great presentation by a great speaker who really knew his stuff. His presentations had great insights into architecting Big Data applications. You can find his presentation here He started off with some Big Data history, compared batch to streaming architectures, defined minimum requirements for streaming engines and demonstrated some code examples with Scala and Spark framework

Getting started with microservices in Kubernetes

Ioannis Canellos


I finally got to meet Ioannis Canellos in person. I really love fabic8 and the effort the RedHat folks are putting in.

fabric8 well needs a series of blogposts it self :) In general it makes it really easy for devs to develop,deploy and manage microservices. He talked about fabric8, arquillian kube(a nice test plugin to help you deploy and test a container in kubernetes), fabric8 maven plugin, circuit breakers with hystrix and hystrix dashboard, distributed tracing, continuous integration and continuous deployment via Jenkins and kubernetes, kubeflix(a plugin ecosystem integrating spring cloud components with kubernetes) ,prometheus (a metrics time series database) and many more.

5 must have patterns for web-scale microservices

Ali Kheyrollahi


That was my most favourite presentation. These five patterns sounds simple and straightforward, but I am sure there are a lot of companies out there that apply them wrong so why not understanding them in depth

  • Activity Id Propagator (known as correlation id)
  • Retry and Timeout policy
  • IO Monitor
  • Circuit breaker
  • Canary and health endpoint

Rightsize Your Services with WildFly & WildFly Swarm

Dimitris Andreadis

He is the Engineering Manager of the WildFly / JBoss Enterprise Application Server team at Red Hat. I had the chance to see him a few years back and I am glad to see Wilfly holding up to high standards.

Wildfly is a swiss army knife in a developers toolbox. Sadly I am not in the position to use the Swarm in my daily job since Spring Boot has over-taken my professional life but I hope that one day I will get to write my services with it.


The long road

Sandro Mancuso

Inspiring talk about how to manage your career. The guy literally needed a couple more hours to convey his message but sadly he had to stop at 1,5 hours :P

He challenged an engineer’s thinking on how to read through job ads, how to search for jobs, how to further develop one self. Really inspiring stuff.

Talks that I did not attend:

Continuous Delivery with Spring Boot, Docker and Jenkins Rafal Leszko ‏